Introduction and Explanation

I am a sophomore double major in Computer Science and applied Mathematics. I also have a minor in Neurology. I have a background in penetration testing and enjoyed my time doing work in this field greatly. I have come back to the world of academia to better sharper some of my technical and computer skills, publish papers, and learn advanced mathematics. Having been affiliated with numerous grass root organizations as well as a “different” background than that of my classmates, I am hoping to bring a fresh perspective to the realm of IT and Computer Security (with an emphasis on math and math based applications). This blog is maintained as part of on an ongoing research project for my institutions CS program and will be updated at intervals, eventually leading to the date in which we launch our newly designed bastion host. The aspiration here is for the affiliated parties to get experience implementing real life security measures (for which I am the lead consultant) while possibly adding on to the University’s overall network security. Information on this project will be posted as obtained, I hope to both provide for a better security system than is in place (or supplement it) and attract the top tier testers (certified or otherwise) to attempt and “root” my box. Having been a batter for the opposing team, this should make for an interesting challenge. As stated several times, those who follow the formal etiquette of this type of electronic war game will not be tracked.  I will be expecting the same lack of “dirty” play as any truly talented hacker would display in facing a challenge such as the one posed. A list of rules that will both allow you to practice and prove your skills, and stay away from getting sent to prison while doing so will be provided in the blog titled “Rules”. Obviously enforcement of such rules is based on reciprocal respect by both parties,  although the atmosphere is educational and targeted towards research and not legislation, I am representing an academic institution with a fully functional IT department (who are gracious enough to allow me to pact exploits and preform experiments such as this one).  Lastly, for those who will be perusing this feat, please bear in mind that I am a delegate for the “White-Hat” cause. The results of this experiment will be presented in at a well known conference and much of my background and “integrability” is still (consciously or not) under-question. Spam DDOS attacks on seperate parts of the network(not guarded by this host) will not only undermine this project, they will prove useless against this host and its protected network thus generating a failure on both counts.

// Please do not count this section in the grading, root the box, just do not do it kid style and set off every IDS on non associated segments of the network. This will result in less supply of cake for all and possibly even removal of buckets. Conservative Cat would greatly disapprove and request foar more boxes would not be taken seriously.  Lastly I am thinking of namzing said box “Boxxy”, that being stated eliminate the infestation, just remember that I support those who will help make this a productive academic venture and not Failbox 1.0.0. Hushmail contact will be given to ????Moot??? and others who have demonstrated some ability to control random acts of hatred. Direct anger at box, not builder and affiliates.