Updates on Bastion Host, Testers Needed

Updates on Bastion Host soon to be live and up for testing
Spoke with IT about particular specs for host and network machines behind it, should have a relatively unified consensus by tomorrow. I am actually going to be gearing the thing up to be a tasty target for botnets as to test its durability against large amounts of pressure(such as a well orchestrated DDos attack). I am hoping the network will be able to withstand a decent amount of malicious traffic and intrusion attempts while both generating usable log files and thwarting attacks without having to be taken down for a substantial amount of time. I also want to establish baseline metrics for such things as “port scans” and other low end “reconnaissance type actions” that often signal an upcoming attack. Personally I advocate that the only method of truly defeating the botnet epidemic is to strike it at its source, hitting the data servers rather than trying to “prevention and detection mechanisms” currently used as SI protocol. Of course the issue of ethics rears its ugly head, being offensive may be the most fruitful form of defensive maneuver, but unless you work with an agency that can grant you such privileges your pretty SOL. If you are interested in being one of the testers, just watch the blog, or email the hushmail account I will be posting later.


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